Altered Environments

A curated portfolio of original prints

Rounded blobs and organic lattice shapes in flat tones of red, brown, watery blues and pale green overlay each other, giving a sense of movement and depth.

CHANGE by April Flanders. Monotype and screenprint, 6x6 in. 2022.

Altered Environments is a curated portfolio of original prints by international artists addressing the problem of marine bioinvasions. Invited and assembled by ICMB XI partner artist, professor and printmaker April Flanders, Altered Environments includes the work of 25 artists from the United States and Canada. The project was co-sponsored by the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center's Marine Invasions Research Lab.

Marine invaders are species that have expanded beyond their natural range in the aquatic environment via recognized vectors including ballast water, commercial and recreational boating, accidental and deliberate introductions, and rafting, all of which are either a direct result of human activity or exacerbated by it. In this portfolio, the artists address the breadth of the aquatic environment, both salt and freshwater, as a complex and fragile ecosystem, under daily threat from multiple forces.

Participating artists were asked to consider the many aquatic ecosystems currently affected by bioinvasions, and SERC scientists provided the artists with information about the world's most serious aquatic invaders to draw from as they developed their works.

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