Photo Release

ICMB XI organizers will be taking photos, videos, and conducting interviews during the conference. Attendees who agree to this Photo Release during registration:

  • Authorize and grant ICMB XI permission to record images of the attendee via photo or video during the course of the conference, held from May 15–19, 2023.
  • Grant ICMB XI permission to use recorded photos or videos of the attendee on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this website.
  • Allow ICMB XI to edit, alter, copy, or distribute photos or videos of the attendee for advertising and marketing, including on websites and social media.
  • Agree that photos and videos of the attendee recorded by ICMB XI organizers belong to the Society for the Study of Marine Bioinvasions, Inc.
  • Understand that the attendee will not receive any monetary compensation.