Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions after reading these FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When will registration be open?

ICMB XI will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, USA from May 15 to 19, 2023. Registration opened on November 15, 2022. Full-conference registration will continue through April 1, 2023. Single-day tickets will be available starting March 1, 2023. For more details, see our registration page.

What is included in registration costs?

Full-conference registration will include:

  • Access to three days of keynote talks and contributed oral sessions, plus the poster session
  • Catered coffee breaks and lunch on session days (May 16–18)
  • One hosted evening social event (Poster Session Happy Hour).

Single-day tickets will include:

  • Access to all keynote talks and contributed oral sessions on the day you attend the conference
  • Access to the evening poster session and catered Happy Hour, if you choose to attend on the day it is held (May 16). If you attend on a different day, you will be able to review the posters at your leisure.
  • Catered coffee breaks and lunch on the day you attend the conference.

What meeting content is currently available for virtual access?

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to offer virtual access, due to resource constraints. We are actively seeking sponsors with accessibility as a major area of need, so we will update this decision if our situation changes.

What meeting content is ICMB planning to make available online?

We will provide open online access to the conference program (agenda, presentation titles and authors), and to the book of abstracts.

What is the historical meeting attendance?

Previous ICMB conferences have been attended by 150-250 conference participants.

Is there funding available for student travel to the conference?

Applications for student Travel Awards were open during the first call for abstracts (September 7–December 4, 2022). Both current and recently-graduated students were eligible to receive awards. All applicants have now been notified of their decision, and we are working with awardees to disburse their awards on a timeline that minimizes their financial burden of attendance. Awards will be formally presented at the conference.

Is there funding available for early-career researchers to attend the conference?

Applications for early-career researcher Travel Awards were open during the first call for abstracts (September 7–December 4, 2022). All applicants have now been notified of their decision, and we are working with awardees to disburse their awards on a timeline that minimizes their financial burden of attendance. Awards will be formally presented at the conference.

How does SSMB minimize the environmental impact of ICMB meetings?

As scientists, resource managers, and policy makers, protecting the environment is important to us. Please see our environmental pledge for more information.

May I bring a guest to the conference or other events?

Caregiver badges are available for conference attendees who need a caregiver to accompany them. You can make this and other accommodation requests during registration.

Children under the age of 5 are welcome at daily conference activities without an additional fee when with a parent/guardian. However, please let us know so that we can be aware of all who may be attending. Children older than 5 would require their own reduced-cost registration fee to attend conference events. Please contact the conference organizers to arrange attendance.

Guests of any age are permitted during the welcome event, poster session, and field trips for a fee. Like all attendees, they are subject to the code of conduct. Daily conference attendance would require registration for any adult guests.

If you wish to purchase an additional ticket for the evening events or field trips for an adult guest or child not attending the daily conference events, please contact the conference organizers.

Is childcare provided at the meeting?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide childcare at the meeting. However, children are allowed in the conference area under the supervision of an adult.

What other considerations are made for parents?

A lactation and breastfeeding room will be available for use during the conference. Please indicate if you require this during registration so that we can be prepared for the number of users.

A small number of staff working for other tenants of the venue building also use the lactation room, so it will be necessary to reserve time on a shared calendar. We will contact you ahead of the conference to let you know how to access the calendar, or you can ask at the registration desk.

Is ICMB accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, please let us know during registration which accommodations are needed to make the meeting accessible to you. ICMB organizers will contact individuals directly to learn more about the specifics of what you need.

We can provide free caregiver badges upon request. All conference spaces selected are ADA accessible. Priority seating for wheelchair users and people with disabilities affecting mobility, hearing, or vision will be available in all conference rooms. ICMB encourages anyone whose circumstances are not covered in this FAQ to contact us as soon as possible so that we can do our best to help you have a successful meeting.

In addition, our guides for presenters and session moderators emphasize steps participants should take to consider the potential needs of their audience and improve the accessibility of their presentations.

Does ICMB support the use of chosen gender pronouns?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to tell us your pronouns during registration and preferred pronouns will be included on conference badges, if desired.

Does ICMB have a code of conduct?

In 2020, the Society for the Study of Marine Bioinvasions adopted a Code of Conduct (available in English and in Spanish). The Code of Conduct must be agreed to upon registration for any SSMB event, and the Code of Conduct applies to everyone associated with the conference, including, but not limited to, local and virtual attendees, volunteers, staff, speakers, organizers, and, to the greatest extent possible, local vendors and service providers.

How do I report a code of conduct violation?

Please email the conference organizers. For more details on reporting and response, see the Code of Conduct text (available in English and in Spanish). All attendees will be given information at registration describing options for reporting incidents in person.

Does ICMB have a social media policy?

ICMB encourages courtesy in communications. When attendees check in at the conference registration desk, they will be given the option of signing a waiver to consent to having their image used for the purpose of promoting this conference on our website and social media accounts. For those who do not consent to having their image used, ICMB will make every effort to honor this. Attendees should be aware that some parts of this event may be open to the public and the news media. ICMB strongly encourages compliance with attendee requests regarding visual media, but does not guarantee it.