Field Trips

SERC's Mathias Lab from wetlands

Photo by Natasha Hitchcock

We hope to offer at least two field trips at the end of ICMB XI. Here is a brief description of the possibilities. The costs listed below are our best estimates, and are subject to change.

SERC Tour with a boat tour of the Rhode River - van transport, tour and boat trip, $20 The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) in Edgewater MD, is just 20 minutes outside Annapolis. The 2,650-acre campus spans forests, wetlands, marshes and 15 miles of protected shoreline. Tours could include the Mathias Lab, which is a 92,000 ft2 LEED-Platinum green building with on-site solar energy production, geothermal heating and cooling, water reclamation system and storm water management wetlands. Visits with researchers on a variety of research topics. A tour of the Global Change Research Wetland, a long-term research site dedicated to research on how coastal marshes respond to global environmental change. And perhaps a bout tour of the Rhode River with discussions about local estuarine research. More on our research and facility is on SERC's website.

Port of Baltimore - van transport and boat trip, $20 to $35 The Port of Baltimore is one of the largest in the United States. Two options are available. The first option is a tour of the terminal facilities (Dundalk and Seagirt Marine Terminals) which would take approx. 60-90 minutes depending on questions and cargo movement, and is a riding tour only (capacity 12 people). Because these are secured sites, the port will need to collect names and driver’s license or passport information in advance. The second option is a full-day tour of Poplar Island in Talbot County. This is a boat tour (capacity 20 people) and includes lunch. May is the time when school kids are doing the terrapin releases on the island. Security clearance is not required for Poplar Island.

US Naval Academy - no charge Located in downtown Annapolis, the United State Naval Academy is the undergraduate college of our county’s naval service. Public and group tours are usually available. There is a nice museum and several important historical buildings. Information about tours and access requirements can be found on their website. If there is enough interest, we will provide a group tour of the Academy.

National Museum of Natural History – van transport and possible behind the scenes tour, $20 The National Mall is just under an hour away from Annapolis. No, it’s not a shopping mall, it’s a large public open area managed by National Park Service that is surrounded by several large Smithsonian Museums, monuments, and art galleries, and important historic landmarks and government buildings, such as the United States Capital and the National Archives. We will be providing van transportation to and from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History for those wanting to explore some of what the national Mall has to offer. Admission to most of the museums on the National Mall is free of charge.

National Aquarium in Baltimore – van transport and option for a behind the scenes tour, $20 plus group admission charge not to exceed $40 per person. We will be providing van transportation to and from the National Aquarium in Baltimore. This aquarium is well worth the visit, in addition to an amazing variety of species and aquatic habitats, there is a tropical rainforest exhibit at the top. Unlike the museums at the National Mall, the aquarium is not free, tickets for people between 11 and 64 years old are $40.00 each. A behind the scenes tour is possible if enough people are interested.