Art Program

Marine Bioinvasions Science Art

Art installation by April Flanders. Silhouettes of marine invertebrates in vibrant blues and greens appear to float across the sunlit windows of the Colwell Center.

Installation, Rita Rossi Colwell Center, Baltimore, MD. April Flanders, 2023.

ICMB has a unique history of exploring the rich perspectives found at the intersection of the sciences and arts. Previous conferences have worked with some amazing artists who, through their chosen media, have enhanced our appreciation and communication of the impact of bioinvasions on our world. Artwork inspired by subjects ranging from marine invertebrates to shipping vessels has connected us to audiences far beyond the scientific and policy making communities.

ICMB XI is continuing this tradition by collaborating with April Flanders, a talented artist and professor whose prints create a beautiful exhibition out of a global problem. Her artwork, as well as works she has curated by an array of other international artists, will be on display during the conference and around the USA in 2022 and 2023.

Learn more about the Art Program for ICMB XI

  • Meet the Artist: April Flanders, North Carolina-based printmaker and naturalist.
  • Altered Environments: A curated portfolio of original prints by 25 artists addressing the issue of marine bioinvasions.