Environmental Pledge

Jug Bay Wetlands through the window of an observation blind

The SSMB pledges to take action to reduce the environmental impact of ICMB XI, and to create a more socially responsible community.

  • We will minimize our use of single-use plastics in the office, and at dining and social events. Whenever possible, we will choose reusable or compostable products, and hire a caterer who is willing to compost and recycle. We encourage the use of reusable water bottles and travel mugs.
  • We will have recycling containers available at all events to recycle items such as paper, bottles, and cans.
  • We will limit printing of paper items, where possible.

What You Can Do

We encourage travelers to the conference to:

  • Use trains or buses instead of air travel, where possible.
  • If arriving by air, use public transit, a shared van service, or arrange carpools with other travelers instead of using a personal rental car.
  • Bring reusable items such as cups, mugs, straws, and water bottles to limit the need for disposable items.
  • Offset your travel-related carbon usage. There are many options to purchase carbon offset credits.