Environmental Pledge

Jug Bay Wetlands through the window of an observation blind

The ICMB pledges to take action to reduce the environmental impact of the ICMB XI conference, and to create a more socially responsible community.

  • We will avoid using disposable items in the office, and at dining and social events. Instead, we will use reusable flatware and dishware whenever possible and hire a caterer that provides them. We encourage the use of reusable water bottles, and travel mugs. There will be limited availability of these items provided during the conference.
  • We will have recycling containers available at all events to recycle items such as paper, bottles, and cans.
  • We will limit printing of paper items, where possible.

We encourage travelers to the conference to:

  • use a shared van/public transit instead of personal car rental, or carpool with other travelers to the conference.
  • bring reusable items such as coffee cups/mugs, straws, and water bottles to limit the need for disposable items.
  • offset their carbon travel usage (there are many options to purchase credits for carbon offsets).