ICMB XI Policies

Attendees of ICMB XI should ensure that they have read and understood the following policies:

ICMB XI Code of Conduct

All Attendees are required to abide by the Code of Conduct.

ICMB XI COVID-19 Safety Policy

COVID-19 Safety Policy

ICMB XI Cancellation and Refund Policy

ICMB XI will be a fully in-person meeting. We hope that the COVID-19 situation continues to improve globally and that many of you will be able to attend. Our full cancellation and refund policy will become available when the new registration deadlines are announced. We anticipate it will be generous, since we understand that the global pandemic may still make it challenging for some people to commit to an in-person registration.

ICMB XI Attendee Photo Release

Members of the ICMB XI Local Organizing Committee will be taking photos, videos and conducting interviews during the conference. Attendees may opt in or out when registering. The photo release will give ICMB XI permission for the following:

  • Authorize and grant ICMB XI permission to take the attendee's photo during the course of this conference.
  • Grant ICMB XI permission to use the attendee's photo(s) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this website.
  • Allow ICMB XI to edit, alter, copy, or distribute the photos for social media advertising and marketing.
  • Agree that the photos belong to ICMB XI.
  • Understand that the attendee will not receive any monetary compensation.

ICMB XI Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice