Online Payment on Behalf of Registrant

If you need someone else to pay for your registration online, please follow these instructions. Please read all instructions before beginning, and ask the person who will be handling payment to review these instructions as well.

If you have questions about this process, or if you run into any trouble, please email us and we will do our best to help.



  • Registrant: the person who will attend the conference.
  • Payer: the person who will enter online payment details (credit card or PayPal login).

Main Steps

Do not, at any time begin a registration by clicking the "Register Now" button on the main registration page. Doing so will initiate registration outside of the process described here, which may block you from being able to complete the steps on this page.

Instead, the Payer will use a special button at the bottom of this page to initiate registration on behalf of the Registrant. If the Registrant has already started a registration via the "Register Now" button on the main registration page, please email us and we can cancel the mistaken registration so that you can start over.

  1. Payer initiates an empty registration on behalf of the Registrant.

    • Payer begins the process by clicking the "Begin Registration On Behalf of Registrant" button at the bottom of this page.
    • If Payer does not have an Oxford Abstracts account, they will need to create one with their own email address.
    • Once Payer reaches the registration form, they enter Registrant's email address where prompted ("Email to register on behalf of"). If the Registrant already submitted an abstract, this should be the email they used for the abstract submission.
    • Payer will skip over all registration questions. Be sure to click SUBMIT on the final page.
  2. Registrant creates an account using the email address the Payer entered as the "on behalf of" email.

    • Or, if the Registrant already submitted an abstract, they log into the account they used for their abstract submission.
  3. Registrant answers registration questions.

    • After logging in to their own account, the Registrant will be able to edit the incomplete registration from their dashboard.
    • They should be sure to complete all required questions, and click PAYMENT on the final page.
  4. Payer completes payment.

    • Once Registrant has answered all the registration questions, the payment buttons will appear on the payment screen for both Registrant and Payer.
    • Payer should access the payment screen for the incomplete registration and click the PayPal button. This will allow the Payer to complete payment via credit card or PayPal account.
    • Both Registrant and Payer will be able to download a receipt from their dashboards once payment is complete.

The Payer can repeat this process for multiple Registrants, if necessary.

Detailed Instructions

Click a button below to open a new window showing every step in the process, with screenshots. We strongly recommend that you review these detailed instructions at least once, so that you will know what to expect.

Payer: Begin Registration

Click the button below to begin a new registration on behalf of a Registrant. You will need the Registrant's preferred email address. If the Registrant has already submitted an abstract, please use the email address the Registrant used when submitting their abstract.