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Dates and venue for ICMB XII in 2025 have been announced!

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Information on this page refers to the conference held in 2023. Check back soon for updates.

Registration Fees

One-Day Only Tickets

  Available Price
Single-Day Price Starting March 1, 2023 $250

One-day only tickets include:

  • Access to all keynote talks and contributed oral sessions on the day you attend the conference.
  • Access to the evening poster session and catered Happy Hour, if you choose to attend on the day it is held (May 16). If you attend on a different day, you will be able to review the posters at your leisure.
  • Catered coffee breaks and lunch on the day you attend the conference.

You may purchase up to three single-day tickets, and your ticket is good on any day of the conference — you don't have to choose your day(s) of attendance in advance.

Full Conference Tickets

Registration for full-conference tickets is now closed.

  Available Price
Student or Early-Career Scientist Discount Through April 1, 2023 $350
Regular Price Through April 1, 2023 $600

Deadlines close at 23:59 UTC. Click on the linked dates to see when the deadline falls in your local time zone.

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Full conference tickets include:

  • Access to three days of keynote talks and contributed oral sessions, plus the poster session.
  • Catered coffee breaks and lunch on session days (May 16–18).
  • Hosted evening social event (Poster Session Happy Hour).

A Student or Early-Career Scientist discount is available to eligible registrants during the entire full conference registration period. You are eligible for this discount if:

  • You are currently enrolled as a full- or part-time student, at any level, OR
  • Your highest degree (at any level) was earned in the last 3 years.

Payment Methods

For your convenience, registration fees may be paid online. Offline payment methods are also available. All payments must be made in U.S. dollars.

Online Payment

  • Credit card
  • PayPal account

For online payments, choose "PayPal" when you reach the Payment page of the registration form. This will allow you to pay with either a credit card or a PayPal account. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to complete an online payment.

If you need someone else to complete online payment on your behalf, then do not use the "Register Now" button, above. Instead, see these instructions.

Offline Payment

  • Bank wire transfer
  • ACH transfer (preferred for U.S. banks)
  • Personal check (U.S. banks only)

For offline payments, choose "Invoice" when you reach the Payment page of the registration form. Follow the instructions on your invoice to complete payment. Please note that the institution making the transfer is responsible for paying its own wire transfer fees.


ICMB XI will be a fully in-person meeting. We understand that the ongoing global pandemic may make it challenging for some to commit to in-person registration, so we are offering a generous Refund Policy.