ICMB-X 2018


Travel Tips

Be a smart traveller. Buenos Aires is the capital of the country and is very tourist-friendly, however avoid carrying large quantities of cash and be discrete with valuables. Pay attention to your belongings.

Puerto Madryn is a small and peaceful town. It receives tourists from around the world all year round. As always, you have to be careful in a foreign country, but usually this town is very quiet.

The Argentina´s currency is the Argentinean Pesos, most shops accept Euros and US Dollars (although probably all will give you pesos back). Please, bring those currencies to Argentina. Be aware that you would need some cash in Argentina because not all shops accept credit cards and debit cards. It is difficult to exchange currencies in Puerto Madryn, so please don´t forget to do it in Buenos Aires Airport. In Puerto Madryn you can get cash (Argentinean pesos) from ATM´s situated inside the banks at the downtown.

Although the Conference will take place during the Spring season, take precautions against cold and wind (15°C). Check the weather before you pack!

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