ICMB-X 2018



Our local artists have collaborated, and still do, with the Local Organizing Committee of the ICMB 2018 from the very beginning. Yagui, for instance, didn´t think it twice when we asked him for one of his paintings for the header of ICMB2018’s website. Darío Podestá graciously shared with us his award-winning photographs to promote the event on the social networks. But, there are more…

During the past two years, many creative initiatives started to sound attractive to us, and we finally found a way for you to enjoy their art during the Conference. Stay tuned to find out more…. Now, please, meet our wonderful artists, visit their sites one by one, have a preview of their work and come to ICMB X, October 18-18, 2018 in Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina!

Evangelina Schwindt & Alejandro Bortolus
Co-Chairs LOC




Darío Podestá




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