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Getting Here


The main international entrance to Argentina, by plane, is through Ministro Pistarini International Airport (locally known as “Ezeiza”), located in Buenos Aires city. Although there are other international airports in Argentina, most visitors use this airport.

Jorge Newbery Airport (usually called “Aeroparque”) is the main hub for domestic flights from Buenos Aires city as well as to Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay.

To get to Puerto Madryn you can fly directly to Puerto Madryn Airport or you can choose to fly to Trelew, which is 50 km away from Puerto Madryn one shuttle services.

When you arrive to Ezeiza, you will have to change airport and go to Aeroparque in order to get a flight to Puerto Madryn or to Trelew.

Several shuttle services, taxis and buses offer the transportation service between airports. We recommend taking the bus Manuel Tienda Leon, but there are other options at the airport desk.

It takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to go from Ezeiza international airport to Aeroparque domestic airport, and the duration of the trip depends on Buenos Aires traffic and the time of the day. However, it takes at least four hours to get out from Ezeiza (considering the time in customs, luggage withdrawal, bus transfer, etc) and being ready to take the domestic flight in Aeroparque Airport. 

We strongly recommend having 4 hours of difference between flight connections. Please, do not plan tight connections. 


There are at least three ways to get to Puerto Madryn:

  1. By Andes Airlines: it has one flight per day from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn (Monday through Friday).
  2. By Aerolineas Argentinas: it has at least 4 flights per day, 7 days a week. One of the flights comes directly from Ezeiza International Airport from Buenos Aires. It arrives to the city of Trelew which is only 50 minutes away from Puerto Madryn. There is one shuttle between Trelew and Puerto Madryn, you can make the reservation online here.
  3. Beginning in September 2017, Trelew Airport will be connected through Aerolineas Argentinas to Cordoba International Airport. So, pay attention to this new option!

Important Reccomendation:

We are expecting many participants from around the world for this meeting, thus, plan ahead your trip to Puerto Madryn by making your flight reservation as early as possible. You should note that October is the penguin, whale, sea elephants, sea lions season, thus we receive visitors from all over the world. Remember that we are in Patagonia, one of the most beautiful destinations to visit. Last minute plan arrangements might not be successful and you can miss the Conference!!!

Useful links:

Visa Information

Most countries do not need visa to enter to Argentina as a tourist. However, we recommend to check if you require a Visa here.

ATTENTION! Some visitors might have to pay reciprocity fee before entering to Argentina.

More information on getting around Puerto Madryn will be available soon on this website. 

To download travel information in PDF, click here.

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